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Allegheny County Park-n-Ride Facilities
Click the dots on the map for detailed park-n-ride information.

Allegheny County Park-n-Ride Facilities Map:  Click On A Number For Detailed Park-n-Ride Information 1 58 2 66 63 3 4 65 57 6 5 7 8 9 18 12 13 14 15 16 17 19 22 21 23 24 31 30 29 28 27 25 26 32 33 34 35 40 36 39 42 44 43 55 56 54 53 45 46 52 67 68 70 100 71

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This information is intended to describe the physical characteristics and the transit service offered at each park-n-ride facility. Some facilities fill up early each morning. Specific information regarding available capacity should be obtained by contacting the owner/operator of the facility.   A Park-n-Ride facility is a designated area where automobile drivers park their vehicles and then board public transit vehicles, or meet their carpool or vanpool group to travel to their destinations. Certain facilities are designated for transit riders only. Please do not use these facilities for carpool or vanpool parking.

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Allegheny County Park-n-Ride Facilities

Alpine Village-Rt 286 near Rt 22-Monroeville
Ardmore Blvd at Avenue B-Forest Hills
Bethel Park LRT Sta-Brightwood Rd at Lytle Rd-Bethel Park
Beulah Presbyterian-McCrady Rd at BeuIah Rd-Churchill
Blade Runners Ice Complex-Marshall Dr-Warrendale
Castle Shannon LRT Sta-Castle Shannon Blvd-Castle Shannon
Castle Shannon Memorial Hall-Rt 88-Castle Shannon
Century III Mall-Rt 51-West Mifflin
Covenant Community Presbyterian-Greentree Rd-Scott Twp
Dormont Junction LRT Sta-Biltmore Ave-Dormont
Duquesne-Library Pl at Duquesne Blvd-Duquesne
East Allegheny High School-Rt 48-North Versailles
East Busway-Hamnett Sta-Center St-Wilkinsburg
East Busway-Swissvale Sta-Vernon St at Scott Way-Swissvale
East Busway-Wilkinsburg Sta-Wallace Ave-Wilkinsburg
Former Loews Cinema-Greensburg Pike-North Versailles
Franklin Park Municipal Bldg-W Ingomar Rd-Franklin Park Boro
Glenfield-Kilbuck St near Rt 65-Sewickley
Hebron United Presbyterian Church-Frankstown Rd-Penn Hills
Holiday Park VFD-Rt 286 At Old Abers Creek Rd-Plum Boro
I-279 Exit 12-Perrysville Ave at HOV Entrance-Ross Twp
I-79 Exit 65-Grand Ave at Hubert St-Neville Twp
I-79 Exit 68-Mount Nebo Rd at Red Mud Hollow Rd-Ohio Twp
Large-Peters Creek Rd Off Rt 51-Jefferson Hills
Library LRT STA-Brownsville Rd at Pleasant St-South Park
McKeesport Transportation Center - Lysle Blvd - McKeesport
Monroeville Mall-Lower Macys Lot-Monroeville
Mt Lebanon LRT Sta-E Shady Dr at Alfred St-Mt Lebanon
Muldowney-Muldowney Ave at Interboro Ave-Lincoln Place
North Fayette Twp VFD-Steubenville Pike-Oakdale
North Park Swimming Pool-S Ridge Rd-Allison Park
Olympia Shopping Center-Walnut St-McKeesport
Potomac LRT Sta-Belrose Ave off Potomac Ave-Dormont
Rt 28 Exit 14-Bull Creek Rd at Ridge Rd-Fawn Twp
Rt 286 at New Texas Rd-Plum Boro
Rave Cinemas-Blazier Dr-McCandless Twp
South Fayette-Hickory Grade Rd at Millers Run rd-Bridgeville
South Hills Village LRT Sta Garage - Village Dr - Bethel Park
Spring Garden Loop-Spring Garden Ave-Spring Garden
Springdale Twp VFD-Parkway Dr off Pillow Ave-Harwick
St Anne's LRT Sta-Rockwood Ave-Castle Shannon
St Elizabeth-Rt 51 at Brentview Dr-Baldwin Boro
Tarentum-4th Ave at Ross St-Tarentum Boro
Thorn Run-Rt 51 between 4th Ave & 5th Ave-Coraopolis
Under Rt 51 Bridge between N 3rd Ave & N 2nd Ave-Elizabeth
University Blvd opposite Port Vue Dr-Moon Twp
Warrendale Bayne Rd at Brush Creek Rd-Warrendale
Washington Junction LRT Sta-Rt 88 at Milford Dr-Bethel Park
West Busway-Bell Avenue Sta-Bell Ave-Carnegie
West Busway-Carnegie Sta-Main St-Carnegie
West Busway-Crafton Sta-Station St-Crafton
West Busway-Idlewood Sta-Idlewood Rd & Morange Rd-E Carnegie
West Busway-Knights of Columbus-W Crafton Ave-Crafton
West Busway-Sheraden Sta-Chartiers Ave-Sheraden
West Library LRT Station-Rt 88 Near Clifton Rd-Bethel Park
Woodville-Rt 50 at Thoms Run Rd-Collier Twp

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Franklin Park Municipal Bldg-W Ingomar Rd-Franklin Park Boro
Spring Garden Loop-Spring Garden Ave-Spring Garden

Tarentum-4th at Ross St-Tarentum Boro

62nd St-Under Rt 8 at Rt 28 Ramps-Sharpsburg

McKeesport Transportation Center Lysle Blvd-McKeesport

Muldowney-Muldowney Ave at Interboro Ave-Lincoln Place