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  Emergency Ride Home

“I would like to try sharing a ride, but what if there is an emergency and I need to get home?” 

ERH Resources

This is a common question CommuteInfo staff hear from commuters.

The CommuteInfo Emergency Ride Home (ERH) service provides reimbursement for commuters participating in a registered vanpool, carpool, bikepool, or who are eligible transit riders, to get home in the event of an unexpected personal or family emergency, personal illness, unscheduled overtime, or other covered event

The CommuteInfo ERH service is available to commuters who are registered with the CommuteInfo program and participate in a registered vanpool, carpool, bikepool, or are an eligible transit rider (how can you register?).  In the event of an emergency, the commuter simply arranges for the ride home, pays, and obtains a receipt.  Then a refund application and copy of the receipt are submitted to CommuteInfo for processing and reimbursement.

ERH ImageThe CommuteInfo regional ERH service supplements, not replaces other existing more localized ERH programs (offered through individual businesses or Transportation Management Associations).

What happens if an eligible commuter needs an Emergency Ride Home?

The commuter simply makes arrangements to get themselves home. To qualify for reimbursement the commuter must be registered with CommuteInfo, participate in a registered vanpool, carpool or bikepool and ride in the bikepool, carpool or vanpool the day the ERH is needed.  Eligible transit riders must be registered with the CommuteInfo program and have taken transit the day the ERH is need.  The reason for the ERH must also fall within the program guidelines).

The commuter can check the list of suggested resources for help in identifying a provider, but the commuter can also choose a provider not on the list. The commuter then arranges for a ride, pays and gets a receipt. Then, within 30 days of the ride, submits the refund application and receipt to CommuteInfo for processing.

Will the eligible commuter be reimbursed for all of their costs?

The maximum number of trips that will be reimbursed annually is 4 per registered commuter or up to a total of $100 worth of trips (annually).

This program operates on a calendar year. Every January all participants must re-register and then start over with the 4 rides and the $100 limit (unused rides and/or reimbursements will not be carried over from year to year).

Learn more by calling the CommuteInfo staff at 1-888-819-6110.



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