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  Commuting Options: Biking

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BikepoolingA bikepool is a group of two or more bicycle commuters who agree to bike to work or school together.

CommuteInfo maintains a list of experienced bicycling commuters willing to help others get started bike commuting. You can consult with these experienced bike commuters to plan your commute or learn about locations of bike racks/lockers and other bicycle amenities. For people who decide to share their daily commute, their arrangement can formalized as a Bikepool.

Advantages of Bicycling:

  • No Traffic Jams
  • Fresh Air
  • Tremendous personal health benefits
  • Rely on these basic cycling street smarts to stay safe (click on image to read PDF):

New to bicycle commuting?  Want to try a new route, but would feel more comfortable if you could pair up with someone who has already tried it?  Bike Pittsburgh and CommuteInfo program partner to link local bicyclists up with each other to ride to and from work or school together.

Many cyclists, especially new riders, feel safer riding in groups until they get the hang of it.  A Bikepool is a group of two or more bicycle commuters who agree to bike to work or school together two or more days per week.  The people willing to share their bike commuting experience, will have a special note next to their contact information on your commuting options report.  New bike commuters can then contact the more experienced bike commuter, and get started.  It's that simple!  

Please click here to sign up and get your personalized commuting options report.

Biking Safety

In addition to the Street Smarts materials, PennDOT publishes a Bicycle Driver’s Manual, which includes the sections of the PA vehicle code which relate to bicyclists and a “Traffic Survival Guide.” Access the manual by clicking here.

And Bike Pittsburgh has some additional resources available including safety tips, a bike to work guide, and an interactive bike map for those commuting into and around downtown Pittsburgh. BikePGH has also joined forces with a wide range of partners in Southwestern Pennsylvania to encourage the use of sustainable transportation. Learn more about this initiative by clicking here.

SPC Active Transportation Forum

Encouraging safe, efficient travel for pedestrians and cyclists is an important part of SPC's role as a regional transportation agency. Bicycling and walking offer excellent commuter options that support our overall mission to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality. Communities that are pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly are also “livable,” providing residents with opportunities for recreation and community-enhancing economic development.

SPC’s Active Transportation Forum addresses issues of concern and pursues priority improvements of regional significance. This committee is composed of representatives from SPC-member counties, the City of Pittsburgh, transit agencies, PENNDOT, trail organizations, and advocates for pedestrians, bicyclists, and persons with disabilities.  Learn more about SPC’s active transportation efforts here.

Bike Racks

The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership (PDP) and Bike Pittsburgh have made biking to Downtown Pittsburgh easier by having installed 115 new bike racks at strategic locations throughout Downtown.  Twenty additional racks will be installed in neighborhoods throughout the City of Pittsburgh

For more information about the specific locations, call the PDP at 412.566.4190 or visit

Photo Of Bike Rider

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